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  1. Clara Scott had been caring for my mother for over 2+ years now. She is punctual, attentive to the details of Mother’s care, is skilled at managing Mother’s dementia issues, and is Mother’s advocate for good care in the facility where she lives. She also keeps me well informed about Mother’s condition and needs, which is very important to me as I live out- of – state.Although she runs her business in a professional manner, she is kind, gentle, and has a caring relationship with Mother. She does extra, special things for Mother and for me, like calling me on Mother’s phone so I can talk with her once a week and reading her a daily devotional. I feel blessed to have found such a wonderful person for Mother’s caregiver.

  2. Clara M. Scott was a wonderful and attentive caregiver for my mother during the 8 years care for her in my home. She was dependable punctual most importantly, kind and understanding. In addition to meeting my mother’s material and physical needs, Clara would read devotion and bible verses to mother on her days with her. We came to consider Clara is a friend, in addition to a reliable and trustworthy employee. Her years of experience and warm personality make her an excellent candidate for your position. We highly recommend her and encourage you to contact us directly should you have any questions.

  3. I employed Clara Scott as a caregiver for my Elderly mother and I was very pleased with the
    excellent caregiver for 1 1/2 years. Clara is competent and cares for the whole person, not just
    the physical needs. Clara also is very professional and communicates well with family concerning
    her observations. She puts patient safety first and is proactive in caring giving. I highly recommend
    Clara Scott to anyone seeking help for a loved one.

  4. Clara Scott is a very conscientious person. I have grown to love her so much. She is helpful to all who
    know her. She is a person wishing to do what is right, especially to do one work or duty well and thoroughly.
    I feel that Clara can be trusted and she is very dependable and always looks forward to seeing hea and
    visiting with her. She is very kind to all. She has good children that speak well of her. Clara Scott company
    My Classic Senior Care, LLC has been in business since July 12, 2016, and she has a very nice dependable
    a girl that is on her team and is on time for work and they are capable of taking care of my husband. We start
    My Classic Senior Care, LLC March 1, 2018 and been with them 1 1/2 and still getting service with My
    Classic Senior Care, LLC and take care the wife about 6 Months that were 2019 years

  5. Ms. Clara Scott from May 9, 2022 — September 28, 2022 has really been a huge help to my mom. She
    very dependable by arriving everyday. She was assigned to work and she was always on time. She
    also provides transportation for my mom to go to her doctor appointment and will give me an update of how
    the appointment went. I “m so glad we decided on My Classic Senior Care, LLC.

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